Friday, February 25, 2011

Power Makes Music, and Power is Physics - TimTainment

Tim is a musician, currently living in Hamburg. His music career started as a listener and partygoer. In 2007 he created the TimTainment and started sequencing music.
Tim is interested and influenced in almost every kind of music so TimTainment stands for unusual music creations and different sounds. 2011 will see the launch of Tim's record label.

Obscure Robot: Do you define yourself more by your music or your day job?

TimTainment: I define myself more by my music - that´s my main-work.

Obscure Robot: Does your other work ever influence your music, or how you think about music?

TimTainment: Oh yes - my work as a gardener has got a lot of influence to my music. There are so many sounds in the nature...they give me a lot of inspiration!

Music is everywhere if you really listen and it is a universal language too - that is what I think about music

Tim au Tech by Timtainment

Friday, February 4, 2011

Building Your Own Binaural Microphones - Silent Strangers, Part Two of Two

Silent Strangers is a musician who’s work has been published on the IDMf netlabel. His interview has been split into two installments.

Obscure Robot: Tell me about a particularly challenging track. What was difficult, how did you resolve that difficulty?

Silent Strangers: There is one on Anagram2:Ire that comes to mind. Its called Parallel Being. Difficult to get the loop phasing working right. I have a compound time signature of 13/4+6/4+9/4 for my main drum track. Keeping the rhythm tight enough to keep attention, and making it sit right with a 4/4 bassline was the challenge. In the first version(s) the drum track had a compound of 13/4+5/4+/9/4. Changing it to 6/4 allowed me to work with even number that phased easier with the 4/4 bassline. If I kept it 5/4, the compound would have been 27/4 versus the 4/4 bass. The bassline would have sync'd up perfectly, every 26 bars. And the bassline needs to be tighter in that track, you’ll hear it soon ;)

Hexeract by SilentStrangers